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Consulting. Russia



Welcome to T.E.A.M. Consulting web site


     T.E.A.M. Consulting is an online system which provides people all over the world with complete information about Russia.

     It is a web page which provides unique opportunities for businessmen and private persons, who want to start business with Russian companies or visit Russia. It can be used by businessmen seeking partners in Russia and private persons who want to know more about Russia.

     People all around the world will appreciate the opportunity to get professional comments on Russian legislation and get financial advisory at a minimal cost.

     You can easily establish connection with our office in Russia through internet that will enable you to receive all data needed to your own computer terminal.

     T.E.A.M. Consulting provides all our visitors with possibility to start getting useful information about Russia for free from our article page.


     Please read legal disclaimer before getting started.


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