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Establishing of joint-venture in Russia

Internet company Feasibility study

for European Community

(TACIS program)


Part I. Investment basis

Overview: Russian Federation

                    General information

                    Economic framework

General Economic Conditions

Development of the Russian Economy for the last years

(GDP, purchasing power, costs of living, inflation rate, rents, exchange rates, interest rates, )

Current Economic Situation in Russia

(GDP, purchasing power, costs of living, inflation rate, rents, exchange rates, interest rates, )

General Overview of Investments

                   Political framework

                                        Social System (form of government, type of state)

Political Stability

Political Situation due to President and Parliament Elections

II. North-west Region

General information


                    Natural resources

                    Economic Situation

                                        St. Petersburg

                    Human Resources


Life duration and age groups statistics

Education level

Labour market

Income per capita (industry, trade, services)




Energy costs


Computerisation level

Legal framework

Company law

Enterprise Organisational Forms

Companies with the foreign capital

                                        Investment law

                                        Patent law

                                        Know-how transfer

                                        Labour law

                                                           Working contract

                                                           Wages and Social Security payments

                                                           Working Hours

                                                           Work permit and obligation to hold visa

                                                            Trade unions, Collective Agreements

Fiscal law. Description.

Corporation taxes

Dividends distribution

Income tax

VAT situation

                    Analyse and Forecast of the Fiscal Framework

Real estate purchase

Restrictions for foreigners

Business law (export import)

Social law. Social Security System in Russia.

Antimonopoly law

                    Investment Framework

Investment climate in St. Petersburg

Grants, Subsidies, Benefits

Free economic zones in the Region

III. Internet related services market

General situation in Russia

                    North-west region

Internet in the households

                                        Companies and Internet

                                        Situation in comparison with Europe


Internet providers (telephone and Internet connection prices)

                                        Evaluation of companies conditions in St. Petersburg

Part 2. Partner company

I. Description of the Partner Company


Name and Legal Status


Organisational Structure




Products and Technology

                                        Production methods


                                        Hard & Software

Internal know-how


Working conditions


Age distribution

                                        Education level

Possibilities of further internal/ external training

Social and Health Insurance

Finance analyses


Profitability and liquidity report

Market value

Capability of Investment

Market Position

Competitive advantages

Market share


Problem Areas

II. Assessment of co-operation possibilities

Targets of collaboration

Possibilities of co-operation

Fixing the co-operation areas

Advantages of creating a joint venture


Part 3. Joint-venture

General Description

Targets of joint venture

                    Mission, Vision and Values

                    Business Strategy

Possible Location

                    St. Petersburg

                    Free economic zones


Possible structures of the joint venture

Description, evaluations and suggestions in the areas of




                    Products and Technology

                    Sales and Marketing

                    Production, Service and Quality Securing

                    Import - Export Restriction, Taxes, Quotas


                    Purchase and Obtaining

                    Know-how Transfer and Training

                    Research and Development

Marketing strategy

Existing market

Products and competition

Estimation of changes due to joint venture

Joint venture market :

volume of market


future market share

intensity of competition


II. Investment and Financing

Definition of Investment Targets

Research and development investments

Expansion investment

Money-material Investment

Evaluation of non-monetary investment

Know-how transfer

Management and Equipment Transfer

Determination of the Investment Volume

                                        Investments in kind

                                        Investments in cash

Financing possibilities

                    Financial estimation of Risks

                                        (economic, political, financial)

                    Investment securing

                    Return on investment

Part 4. Legal assessment and consulting

                    Legal assessment of parts and contents of this feasibility study

Legal consulting concerning suggested business decisions

Legal basis of an involvement, or setting up an enterprise

Partnership agreement

Labour contracts

Basis of tax legacy and evaluation of possibilities

Part 5. Evaluations and recommendations for the Joint-Venture

                                        Analyse of the Project Feasibility

                                        Evaluations and Recommendations




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